Social Butterflies

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Backpocket Brewing Co.

We teamed up with Backpocket Brewing Company in Coralville, Iowa, right before the brewery kicked off a rebranding campaign. Our goal was to build excitement about the new look and grow the brewery's following on social media. We also wanted to unify the brewery's online presence at all three of its taprooms around Iowa. To do this, we took over management of Backpocket's social media and started training the brewery's taproom managers and marketing team on how to take professional-looking cell phone photos and what type of content and voice should be used in posts.  

Ettie has helped us be strategic with our social media plan and posts. She has immersed herself in our culture and is willing to give her opinions and adapt to our needs even if they change last minute. Our social media foot print has grown consistently as well as the development of our marketing strategy with our team members. She is great with communication and will jump in when needed. We are extremely happy with our partnership and would recommend to anyone that is wanting to organize and grow their social media reach.
— Aaron Vargas, GM of Backpocket Brewing Company
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“Ettie took our brand to the next level! She created a polished and professional brand online with her extensive social media knowledge, her attention to detail at every photo shoot, and her engaging copy writing. She was great at capturing the essence of our brand as well as what it’s like to live in the beautiful Ozarks. She is the full package, and a great asset to any marketing team!”
— Catherine Wellever, art director at SBC

Springfield Brewing Co.

We worked with Springfield Brewing Company for two years as the brewery expanded into Arkansas and added new core beers. Springfield is an incredibly competitive beer town. With a population of just 160,000, the city has more than five craft breweries. Brew Co. needed a voice and a message that stood out from its competitors. We worked with their talented marketing and sales team to hone in on Brew Co's core message -- Enjoy life in the Ozarks. We also spent that two-year period building a cache of photos the brewery could pull from for future marketing and beer releases.

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I was missing out on so much opportunity through social media. I needed someone who not only understand the style of my company, but someone who was an excellent photographer and editor. Ettie is able to take how I feel and put it into photography - creating a social media persona that truly represents the Solely Jolie Pur Palette.
— Amy Blansit, CEO and founder of Solely Jolie

Solely Jolie

As a startup in the beauty industry, Solely Jolie needed to quickly establish a professional presence online that vendors could trust. But the brand also needed an identity that was engaging and interesting for followers. We focused on telling the company's two stories. One was about the founder Amy Blansit and her adventures as a small business startup. The other was about the makeup brush clearing palette.